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  • For better productivity, choose the Elite core bit

    Elite Core Bits: Stronger and Faster

    Here at DATC we have always been keen to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements. That’s why in 2012 we developed the Elite range of core bits: ultra-high-performance diamond-impregnated core bits, designed for exploration in the hardest terrain in optimum time...

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  • New WLU core barrels: Better, Simpler, Cheaper!

    DATC’s Commitment to Quality

    At DATC we care about quality. That means working hard to earn the appreciation of our customers.
    We know that time is a major concern for our customers. Our quality engineers and research and development departments work closely together to improve the productivity of your drilling projects...



Diamond core bits

Our Famous Core bits

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Diamond coring and drilling

Single Tube Core Barrels, Double Tube Core Barrels, Wireline Core Barrels, Underground Wireline Core Barrels U, Dam Pendulum Core...
Barrels, Casing Advancers, Drill Rods, Casings, Casing Cutters, Stabilizers for coring, Water Swivels, Hoisting Swivels, Fishing Tools, Adapters, Packers, Safety foot Clamps, Muds & Polymers, Rod Greases, Wrenches, Core Boxes

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Geotechnical products

Pressuremeter Testing,
Dynamic Penetratory Systems,
Sampling Systems,

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Down the hole hammer drilling

Product Characteristics, 1" Range to 12" Range, RC Range, Bits, DTH x API Shanks, VKP Hammers, Reamers, Multi hammers, Shock absorbers...
Trouble shooting, DTH hammer - left-hand thread, Lubrificator, Conversion table.

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Top hammer drilling

Interface, Drill Bits, Stabilizers, Fishing Tools, Wrenches, Hoisting Swivels, Reaming Tools, Lost Bits for Steel Smelting, Anchoring.

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Overburden drilling

Rotary Shoe Drive, SIM-CAS Shoe Drive Operation Hints, ADVANTIS System, FastDrill System, Top Drive, SIM-CAS Top Drive, OD System...
, Direct Top Hammer Drilling with OD Casing, OD System with with Double Head Rotary/Rotary, Data Sheets.

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Rotary drilling

Rockbits, Drag Bits, Drill Rods, Drill Collars, Junk Mills, Fishing Tools, Adapters, Gimbals, Stabilizers, Lifting Devices, Swivels, Rotary Mining...
Tools-Blasting and Boltibng, Augers.

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Drilling accessories and crouting

Hardfacing Products, Wrenches, Muds &Polymers, Rod Grease, Packers, Accessories.

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