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Our Range

Diamond coring & drilling

The purpose of the coring systems is to obtain samples for geological and mining studies.

Geotechnical products

For all your geotechnical analyzes, we have the products adapted to your needs.

down the hole hammer drilling

For all your destructive works, to drill in very hard rocks, choosing the right pneumatic hammer is essential for your productivity and operating cost.

top hammer drilling

Find all the tools and specific connections for your top hammer drilling.

diamond core bits and cutting tools

Whatever the hardness or abrasiveness of the ground, DATC always have diamond core bits which offer you the best cost-effectiveness per meter drilled.

Overburden surface

Discover our best solutions for casings installation in overburden.

rotary drilling

Solutions for all your destructive drilling in rotation.

Drilling and grounting accessories

Optimize your equipment with our range of various accessories.


We are the officially french distributor for the german drilling rigs manufactor HÜTTE BOHRTECHNIK.
Download our catalogue and find the best solutions for your project.


Devico has more than 30 year experience with directional core drilling (DCD) and borehole surveying.

Why working with us ?

It is the guarantee to have innovative and quality drilling products in accordance with your needs and also in line with your field realities. Over the years, we have developed cutting-edge expertise, in partnership with our clients, to ensure that we are both technically and organisationally competitive. We care about your satisfaction and put all our skills at your disposal to ensure the success of your projects.


We are at your disposal to advise you and guide you in your projects. DATC has put in place a well organised planning system to optimize our production. We can react in real time and respond to all your unforeseen circumstances.


With a modern production site specializing in mechanical machining and metallurgy our Besançon’s headquarter is also the location of our Research & Development center. Our factory has been certified ISO 9001 since 2014.


As a must, innovation is defined as a priority in our work objectives. Every day, we work to improve our products to offer you efficient, flexible and modern technological solutions.


Our expertise is based on more than 45 years of experience in France and abroad. DATC is at your service. We advise you and support you on all stages of your projects for a common goal : the success of your projects.

Our references

Over 45 years of expertise…
at your service!

Motivated by performance, driven by technology, DATC EUROPE is your partner for the realization of your coring and drilling equipment. Backed by a long experience in the field, our proactive team brings you advice and expertise adapted to your most specific projects.

We are at your disposal and it will be our pleasure to guide you in all your projects.


Nouveau développement

Un de nos clients rencontraient des difficultés dans le forage de la lignite, dans une mine allemande. Il avait du mal à obtenir de bons échantillons de carottes , en particulier dans des formations très meubles comme le sable.

New technological developments

Malgré le confinement, nous avons pu continuer nos développements de prototypes pour divers projets européens.

Nouveaux développements technologiques

Malgré le confinement, nous avons pu continuer nos développements de prototypes pour divers projets européens. Par exemple, c’est le cas du carottier au câble PQ créé spécifiquement pour une application grande profondeur, avec le sur-dimensionnement de son assemblage extérieur (diamètre 171,4 mm). Notre bureau d’études de Besançon en a réalisé l’entière conception. Nous avons répondu … Continue reading "Nouveaux développements technologiques"
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New Movie 2020

We are pleased to share our new video. For 2 days, Dmprod.net team sneaked into our workshop, in our offices. The objective was to show, from every angles, our production and our Made In France know-how. It is without censorship that you will discover our production site in Besançon. Enjoy the movie ! October 2019 … Continue reading "New Movie 2020"
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Carottier T6-116 Core Ejector

Cette innovation offre une plus grande simplicité, une prise en main pratique et donc un gain de temps !
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