Diamond coring and drilling

It is important to adapt correctly your tools according to your projetc specificities. DATC is available to advise you, to support you throught the whole process. We offer a wide range of core barrels, rods, casings, core bits and all other accessories optimizing your site.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Besançon (France), according to ISO 9001 certification.

Our core bits are unique on the market.

Single tube core barrels

Double-tube core barrels

Wireline Core Barrels

Underground Core Barrels U

Dam Pendulum Core Barrels

Casing advancers

Drill Rods


Casing Cutters

Stabilizers for coring

Water Swivel

Hoisting Swivel

Fishing Tools



Safety Foot Clamps

Muds & Polymers

Rod greases


Core Boxes